Lights, Action… Lighting and Your Event

Production of a live event can be a massive undertaking.  There are several steps to consider in doing so.  There is the attraction itself- the theme or activity that is drawing the crowd. Then there are the supporting roles that go into creating ambience.  This includes everything from props and or décor, to generating a crowd, to sound, to the entertainment itself.  Today, we will talk about the importance of lighting as a key element in setting the right tone.

You’ve heard the phrase before- lights, camera, action!  Without lights, you have none of these.  Lighting is a critical component and serves as both a mood setter and a safety item.

Consider some of the most entertaining things you have done.  For me, it’s been going to NFL Football games at the ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas to see my hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys.  It’s also going to see the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center.  Both places not only host my favorite teams, they also host some of the most amazing concerts.  Recently we’ve seen Pink! and Justin Timberlake at the American Airlines Center.  In October, we will see Taylor Swift at AT&T Stadium.  In these concerts, one of the main components was lighting.  The dimmer the lighting, the more connected and intimate the experience.  Conversely, the brighter and more elaborate the lighting, the more grandiose and elaborate the moment felt.  With Pink!’s show, she cleverly integrated soft moments and subtle backlighting when she wanted to create dramatic effects.  When she wanted to make a statement, or emphasize a lyric, the lights were bright and powerful.  All these created emotional, dramatic results.  With Justin Timberlake’s show, it is a dazzling laser spectacle.  At one moment, it’s he and the microphone, but being spotlighted with soft light, surrounded by laser effects created a highlighted moment for this pop megastar.  In both cases, the lighting lent a supporting role to enhance the experience.  We must admit we were emotionally invested in each instance and mesmerized by these stunning performances.

In our line of business, casino parties, lighting can play an equally important role. A casino party experience usually makes the casino the, pardon the pun, highlight, of the experience.  Being the star of the show, means often highlighting the equipment and showcasing it for participants.

Spotlighting tables with unique lights can create a dramatic, inviting effect.  In this process, the tables are illuminated from above, creating a soft, inviting glow.  An example can be seen here.

Some groups choose to use this as their primary lighting source, which subtly leaves the room behind it in shadow.  This is especially popular for industrial settings and parties in which dim light is requested.

Up-lighting is another way to enhance an event.  Unlike spotlighting, up lights offer diffused lighting and are usually set to a specific color.  The goal is to use an accent color to enhance the mood and tie the theme together.  Consider Christmas parties where the walls are awash in red or green.  Or perhaps weddings, where a complimentary color is selected to accompany place settings or bridesmaid’s dresses.  Up lights can be selected from a color wheel and set to the client’s preference.    We see this most often with our white casino parties.  The white leather-wrapped tables offer a blank canvas for our clients to “say it with color”.  Here’s an example of that concept.

There are many other types of lighting as well.  Generally, we do not suggest laser lighting, as guest comfort must be considered.  We also do not suggest excessively bright (and hot) lights for the same reason.  There are a lot of innovative specialty LED lights that can be programmed to create exciting and unique effects that will distinguish your party from others – just like the rock stars do!

Our love for the game is the reason we offer the best equipment in the business and unparalleled service. Elevate your next event by contacting our event specialists today and rock your next event!

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