5 Tips For An Epic Fundraiser

When planning a successful charitable event there are a few things you should take into consideration to make it an enjoyable experience for your guests and profitable for your cause.

  1. Get the Word out!

Advertise your event.  There’s nothing worse than throwing a party and having no one show up.  You can’t raise the money without the interested guests!  So, let your team know about the event. Use social media to your advantage and make sure you ask people to “Save the Date”.  Postcards are a great tool if you have a mail list.  Email your group as well.  Bright, eye catching graphics, or photos that highlight the cause are beneficial.

  1. Goal Awareness

Set and goal and publicize it.  People are more likely to respond if they feel there is a mission behind the request.  Make it attainable.  People want to contribute- and they are more likely to do so if they believe that their contribution makes a difference.  Some groups use visuals- like the thermometer graphic, or a pie chart.  Percentage graphs are great too.  Announce your goals in the invitation.  Set expectations early so guests accept invites knowing that the will be asked to spend.

  1. Location Really is Everything

Events are more likely to be successful if you choose the right location.  Find a place that is unique.  Guests will often RSVP if they are going somewhere they have never been, or if it is an exclusive venue.  Choose central locations- picking something a great distance from your core attendees is not recommended.  Make it as convenient as possible for your guests.

  1. It’s the little things

They say the “devil is in the details”.  Check the temperature of the room – guests have to be comfortable to stay – and spend.  Rain in the forecast? Make provisions for a valet company, and include a welcome mat.  Someone slipping and falling is not going to benefit the benefit.

Do sound checks beforehand- make sure that any announcements can be heard in the back of the room.  Impassioned pleas falling on deaf ears is not a pathway to success.  Consider thank you notes at place settings- guests will open their wallets if they feel appreciated for their presence. Ambassadors at the doors greeting guests is also another way to make people feel more welcomed and comfortable.

  1. Engagement

Okay, so you have the people there. How do you keep their attention? What can you do to make them stay?  This is an especially challenging situation if guests do not know each other, or know each other only casually.

A great emcee can break the ice.  A fantastic DJ or band can get the crowd moving.  Entertainment is the key to engagement.  The more enjoyment the guest has, the longer they stay and the more they spend.

Casino nights are especially popular for this use- because the guests are entertained while mingling with others. There is also a choice in gaming or participation that appeals to the individual, so there is no obstacle to participation or hesitancy to do so.

Most casino games naturally attract crowds, and games can accommodate as many as 20 at once, depending upon the game.  This is a great way to attract your crowd- and keep them there!

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