Considering Price Over Value

Recently, in a dinner conversation, the following question was posed.  “If you could have a room at the Bellagio or a room at the Circus Circus, which would you choose and why?”  Interesting question, and perhaps even more insightful were the answers provided.  We thought we would share the conversation and how it applies to our industry.

The first dinner guest was quick to chime in.  “Well, Bellagio, of course.”  When prompted, he discussed the benefits of choosing Bellagio.  First, the name itself is comforting.  It is a brand, and it is well known.  The amenities are refined, and you are guaranteed to be well-treated.  You can situate yourself in luxury, it’s easy on the eyes.  The people are generally happier, and the setting is serene.  You can relax and enjoy the moment.

These refrains were echoed by additional dinner guests.  Some adding in that at the Bellagio, you could expect to be professionally greeted, that they had water waiting for guests upon check-in.  That there was thought given to their first impression, and that they placed an importance on service.  Another talked about the appointments of the casino and how no detail was overlooked- down to the branding and the logo.  “They are so proud of what they built that they stamped their name on it.  They are not afraid to tell you who they are.”  Another guest pointed out the fountains- and how with Bellagio, they don’t want you to just be entertained, they want you to “be dazzled”.

The conversation then moved on to the Circus Circus.  One dinner guest mentioned that they would consider this as a first option- because in their opinion, their money would be stretched farther.  With lower table minimums, they could play longer.  With less pricey meals, they had greater budget flexibility to buy desserts with their meals.  They were okay with a compromise of quality in exchange for a monetary savings.

It was at that point that a different dinner guest, a man of few words, opined the following sentence.  “What if your perception of these benefits at Circus Circus is wrong?”  Everyone turned to listen more intently.  “I’ll give you an example”, he said.  “Having been to Circus Circus, I’ve seen the crowds.  It is a misconception to believe that you can get on a $5.00 table that readily.  See, they may advertise a $5.00 table, but there are only a few available.  Often there is a wait for them.”  This brought up a great point and turned the entire direction of the conversation to this one point.  Is perception of lower price inhibiting you from experiencing greater value?

Consider this- the person choosing the Circus Circus experience will most likely spend less money.  But will they waste more time?  Will they experience longer lines, less entertainment, and perhaps even never have the chance to play as they wanted?  Do they really save money if they do not have the experience they planned to have?  Is it worth it to spend a little more to be guaranteed an ability to play, to know that you will not experience some of the frustrations you would otherwise encounter with a budget provider, and to relax and enjoy the experience?

We do not intend to disparage the Circus Circus, by any means.  In fact, having recently played there, we found their dealers to be exceptionally friendly, their gaming to be as expected, and their guests seemed genuinely happy.  We use them as an example of a lower cost provider by comparison only.  We have tremendous respect for their Veteran’s Program, and they are a very family-friendly establishment.  Check out their Splash Zone if you have not done so already!

The point of sharing this conversation was to share insight in to what we learned.  Sometimes saving money does not equate to saving time.  Often we place an importance on price without considering value.  Aesthetics play an important role to many – and can bring about a more favorable experience.  Service is crucial, and making sure you are treated as a treasured guest is the best way an establishment can thank you for your patronage.  Consider these aspects when making your next consumer spending decision.  If you are choosing for a group- that is a tremendous responsibility.  Make sure your selection reflects the core values of your participants, and is not decided upon solely by cost basis.

Breath-Taking Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo at Night, Monaco

When you think of Monte Carlo, there are several iconic things that will undoubtedly come to mind.  For some, it’s the ocean, for others it is the grandeur setting- evocative of wealth.  Perhaps Princess Grace comes to mind- or the ever-popular Ian Fleming character James Bond.  Here are a few fun facts about Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo is situated in the principality of Monaco.  This is a microstate, in the South of France, located along the French Riviera.  Monaco’s three land borders are surrounded by France.  At less than a mile in total land area, Monaco is the second smallest nation in the world, and the smallest nation with a coastline.  The official language is French, although Italian and English are frequently used.  Although small in population and size, Monaco is the highest ranked country in one astonishing category.  Despite having merely 3500 residents, Monaco’s GNP is superior per capita to any other country on Earth.  That’s right- Monaco is the richest country in the world, in terms of per-capita income.  This has earned the country the title of “Richest Place on Earth.”

Monaco, Monte Carlo: yachts in the sea

Because of its universally-recognized association with wealth, Monte Carlo has become a haven to the rich and famous.  Opulent “super” yachts are often found in the harbor.  The Monaco Grand Prix is world-famous for being one of the most prestigious races in motorsports.  Luxurious hotels and rare automobiles are commonplace.  The pageantry of having a ruling royal family further reinforces the extravagance associated with this tiny country.  The House of Grimaldi, and more specifically, Prince Albert, rule Monaco.  The son of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace (Grace Kelly), Prince Rainier is one of the wealthiest monarchs, his assets totaling more than one billion dollars, including interest in the Societe des bains de mer de Monaco, also known as the publicly-traded SBM.  This includes the Casino de Monte Carlo, the Opera de Monte Carlo, and the Hotel de Paris.


The flagship of Monte Carlo is the Casino de Monte Carlo.  Construction on this casino started in 1858.  The casino was profitable the following year, although construction was not completed until 1863.  Started by Princess Caroline de Grimaldi, the casino was designed to save her family, and the principality of Monaco, from financial ruin.  Although expansions have occurred since that time, the casino largely remains true to form today.  Table games of roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, and more can be found inside on a daily basis.

Casino Monte Carlo

Did you know that Monte Carlo prohibits its residents from entering in to the casino for play?  Identification is required at each entry point, and citizens of Monaco are not permitted inside.  This was done to ensure that the citizens of Monaco are not exploited, and that wealth is attracted from tourists.

Ready to plan an event with the opulence of Monte Carlo? Give one of our event planning experts a call today, and discover the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!


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Viva Las Vegas

Welcome To Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!  Here in the United States, Las Vegas is among the top three travel choices for conventions and business meetings.  Billed the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, Las Vegas boasts thousands of tourist attractions, in addition to the casinos and nightlife it is renowned for.  The city has more AAA 5 Diamond Award winning facilities than any other city or Metropolitan area, and the Las Vegas Strip was recently proclaimed one of the most visited tourist destinations by Travel and Leisure.  The sights, the sounds, the fun…who wouldn’t want to visit the fabulous City that Never Sleeps?

So…what makes Las Vegas so popular? Well, Las Vegas Boulevard is ranked as the 6th most visited tourist attractions.  This 4-mile stretch of road is known more commonly by its nickname, The Strip.  This is where you will find fine dining, mega hotel complexes, attractions, some of the best live shows available, and of course, casino gaming.   The Strip is home to MGM, The Bellagio, The Venetian, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, Bally’s, Harrah’s, Mandalay Bay, The Luxor, The Excalibur, Paris, New York New York, Caesar’s Palace, The Flamingo, Circus Circus, Cosmopolitan, Stratosphere, Treasure Island, Tropicana, The Riviera and more!  There are so many things to do in Sin City…since, after all, it is the City That Never Sleeps.  Casino gaming, of course, is the main attraction.

With that having been said, what happens if you can’t quite make it to Vegas? Did you know that you can bring a replicated experience right to your door?  While you can’t quite bring the complete package, after all, David Copperfield would charge a pretty penny to show up at your door! Never mind the fees for Celine Dion, Jerry Seinfield or Britney Spears! You can; however, bring in replicated casino entertainment, entertainers, and the atmosphere! I “bet” you did not know that!

Hiring the right casino entertainment company can be the difference between a Wynn experience or a Circus Circus! Just like hotels, not all casino companies are created equally, and there is a vast difference in size, schemes, prices and abilities.  Often, consumers do not realize this- so they are surprised by what they ultimately are delivered.  Unless you are hiring an experienced casino event planner, or corporate party coordinator, you may not realize this until it is too late.  Here are some top tips from casino party experts that will help you achieve a “winning” experience.


Don’t assume that each company is the same.  This industry is very different from what you may think.  We call this having the “Wheaties” approach- or thinking that if you make a purchase from a retailer, such as Wal-Mart or Target, that no matter where you make the purchase, the end product is consistent.  This could not be further from the case!

For example:

  • Some companies may use different colored-felts, have mismatched equipment, may have a dated look, or may not show care and concern for the overall aesthetics of your presentation. Conversely, there are others that take this quite seriously- offering fresh, modern equipment, up-to-date games, and even specialty looks. We’ve seen light up tables, all white casino, and bright, vibrant patterns that steer away from known norms.


  • Quantity of tables can make a (forgive the pun) huge difference! Smaller operators are good choices for gatherings that don’t require a lot of equipment. This would include home casino parties, birthday parties or maybe an anniversary or graduation party.  The larger events are best left to a large operator.  This would include casino themed convention events, prom, after-prom, Project Graduation, corporate casino party events, casino themed gala parties, and well attended fundraiser nights.  Imagine the logistical nightmare of having two small operators having to combine to place enough tables for a large party.  It happens more often than you think.  There are many complications that can occur as a result- tables that are not synchronous, different types of playing chips, delayed start times (two trucks unloading simultaneously with only one dock or freight elevator), the list goes on…


  • Confirm the types of amenities that your provider can offer. Many clients prefer an “all in” experience- meaning that they want décor, showgirls, magicians, impersonators, lighting, slot machines, and fine food. Having one event coordinator that can consolidate the operations and logistics can be crucial.  Some casino companies offer complimentary in house event planning- which can be quite beneficial to ensuring a successful experience.  Visit casino company websites to find companies that list these individual components.  If the operator does not show that they offer it, most likely, they do not.  Using reputable companies with advertised amenities and photos to “back up” what they are promoting is advisable.


  • Price is always a consideration when selecting any product or service. Even large corporations having record-breaking sales have budgets.  Prices will vary from company to company.  There will always be those consumers who look for the lowest bids and award contracts accordingly.  That’s great- as long as their experience was satisfying.  Most consumers today don’t focus as much on the actual number as much as they focus on value.  The difference in a table game may be $5.00 or $10.00.  Is there something about the other company that justifies the higher price? Maybe the tables are prettier, the dealers are more experienced, or perhaps there is a guarantee?  Ask yourself, is there a reason one company is priced lower? This could be an indicator of dated equipment, inferior service or lower ratings.  These are not always the case, but are certainly worth considering.

Hiring a casino event company can bring that connection of Las Vegas right to your door! Whatever you decide- be it to visit fabulous Las Vegas, or host a casino rental party, don’t leave your plans to chance! Taking a few moments to do your research can result in a winning outcome!

11934979_978603472206031_1642963120662227175_n, the safe bet for your casino party needs!

10 Things You Need to Know Before Planning Your Party – The Best Casino Party in Texas (Dallas – Fort Worth – USA)

At Elite Casino Events we throw a lot of parties. We are the experts in premier event entertainment and casino party events. Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of how over whelming it can be to plan an epic event. So here is a list of the top ten things you need to know when planning your next event.

  • Plan Your Entertainment First:
    It is easier to find a venue than it is to find professional quality entertainment. The last thing you want to do is book a venue only to find you simply do not have the accommodations for your guest’s entertainment.
  •  You Will Get What You Pay For:
    If you skimp on price, you’ll find that the company you hired is less expensive for a reason. They lack quality and let’s face it there is no substitute for quality.
  • Be Sure to Check References:
    The absolute worst nightmare a client can have is finding out they cannot trust the company they booked in the middle of an event.
  • Ask a Lot Questions:
    You want a company who can respond to your needs in a timely matter, do they have immediate or urgent support? Can you contact them around the clock?
  • Check Out Their Customer Service:
    Can you reach them 24 hours a day 7 days a week? How is the correspondence? Do they offer email and phone support and where is this handled?  Is an answering service used that will delay response?
  • Get a Guarantee:
    Any company worth their salt will be able to furnish a quality guarantee in writing giving you peace of mind you have made the right choice in your party provider.
  • Know What Your Are Looking For:
    Are they using real photos of events or are they stock photos? Documenting your party is important and you will want easy access online to the event you attended to share and promote.
  •  Social Media Presence:
    Do they have a social media presence and if so what are people saying about them? Any company you would want to represent your company’s image should be actively branding their own online.
  •  Location is Everything:
    Where is the company headquartered? Are they a local, regional or national company? Nothing is worse than paying for an event only to find out it was out sourced.
  •  Communication is Key:
    How attentive are they to your original inquiry? If you have to wait days for a response to our initial inquiry, walk away! If it does not start out strong it is hard to imagine finishing well.


Elite Casino Events is here to cater to your company’s entertainment needs. We are the preeminent casino party entertainment provider in the state of Texas and beyond.

With 24 hour service, 7 days a week, we are ready and able to take your next corporate event to new heights.  Hosting exceptional Las Vegas themed parties we specialize in charity events, large corporate events and conventions, birthday parties, speakeasy parties, roaring 20s parties, surprise parties, weddings, meet and greets, social hours and of course private parties!

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