Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have on creating your unforgettable casino event experience.


There’s a reason that casinos are so popular! After all, casinos across the world are well known and heavily visited. Casino parties replicate that experience on a local level. Casino parties have long played a fun and vital role in our communities. People love to gather – and a casino party can provide them with a sophisticated, flexible theme. Consider that you can choose modern Las Vegas, or the Rat Pack. You can choose the flair of Monte Carlo or the down home feel of a Riverboat Casino. Prohibition era or speakeasy parties are all of the rage. Ringing in the New Year Gatsby style has become a favorite as well. Casino parties also provide unique conversation starters. People can naturally mingle in small groups with a unified goal of “beating the house”. Some of the most wonderful memories have been created by people simply sharing a moment at our tables.

No actual money is ever exchanged at a casino night event. Instead, think of us as consultants. After all, we are teachers! We create an atmosphere in which people can learn and have fun simultaneously. Guests will be provided an authentic appearing casino. They will interact with us and our dealers will teach them the games. They will “play” (usually for 3 hours) in a safe and learning environment. The goal is that your guests will not only have a fun and engaging activity- but walk away feeling like winners! They will also be better prepared the next time they go to a casino.

Elite Casino Events is THE provider uniquely capable of managing large events. Corporate and conventions are something we are known for. We have the equipment, the personnel, the insurance and the professionalism that these sized events require. We can provide matching equipment for parties of thousands. Presentation is everything for your guests. Most smaller companies will group together to try and fulfill larger events. Elite affords our clients the ability to have singular points of contact and management, with the same chips, same table appearance, and same event approach. There is nothing more unattractive than mismatched tables placed in a “hodge podge” manner. Instead consider the sleek sight of rows of tables meticulously maintained and precision installed. Avoid the confusion of using different chips that can leave guests confused. Our denominated chips, casino grade tables, and extensive experience with large events are the reason Elite is a clear choice for the scope of these projects. Our experience includes the Margarita Balls and the Cattle Baron’s Balls, to name a few.

While we gained our reputation by producing epic, grand events, we earned a following by consistently delivering intimate gatherings at home. A home casino party is a great way to bring the action to you! When bringing equipment and personnel into your sanctuary, you want to know that you have qualified and professional people doing it. We provide events for government officials, large venues, sports stadiums, municipalities, school districts and more. You can trust that we have been thoroughly vetted. Our parties come with a promise of fun and service guarantee.

Absolutely! We are happy to provide you with contact information for our many delighted customers. We also encourage you to check out our reviews. We have more than 2000 5-star reviews across Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, Yahoo/Bing and more.

We invite you to use our “Book Now” button on our home page to reach out and confirm your reservation. You may also email or phone us at (866) 28-POKER. You can ccontact us through our app as well. We also accept quote requests on all social media platforms. We have instant messaging and text messaging available as well, for those who are planning surprises.

Elite specializes in casino party services. This is our focus. We are not a side business- this is our full time endeavor. Our principals travel the country in search of innovation. Heavy research is done into the essential components that create a casino night experience. Choosing a casino event vendor can present a challenge. Elite affords you the greatest value for your spend. We want you to know why. Our CEO is also the President of our industry’s national trade association. That leadership is instrumental in developing best practices that set the standards for others to follow. We are innovative. We care about the end user experience beyond our point of contact. We curate each party with your unique circumstance in mind. After all, no two parties are the same- so our approach should not be either. Our extensive experience, daily operation, expertise, and exceptional reviews are just a few of the many reasons that Elite is the safe bet.